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April 5, 2017

Hello, and welcome to A Dog Travels! In this blog we (Daniel and Sasha) will tell you all about our travels around the world with Coco, our Chihuahua. We decided about a year ago that we were going to pack up all over our belongings, stick them in a storage unit and see exactly how much we can fit in 2 suitcases (Spoiler: in Sasha’s case, a lot) and how much of the world we can see before the real world calls us back.  We’ve always loved to travel, and Coco loves new experiences, new people and new places, so it just made sense to bring him along with us on all of our adventures.

When we first started planning this trip, the hardest thing to do was find information on exactly where we could travel with our pup, and what exactly we needed to do to get him there. We’ll have as many posts dedicated to this as we can, since it was such a long process (but one I can wholeheartedly recommend doing!) and we’d love to help out anyone considering the same trip, whether it’s a week-long jaunt through Italy or a year in England. We’re currently traveling through Europe and the UK, so most of the posts will focus on those areas.

We hope you enjoy following us and our adventurous little guy around Europe and the world!

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